Packaged Program JUST for Youth Organizations! And it’s ALL FREE!

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It’s TRUE!

It’s been in the works for a while now but we’ve currently started our ‘testing phase’ of this venture thanks to our sponsors & supporters!

We’ve been in discussion with our LEAD Sponsors Horizon Hobby and the AMA to develop a Youth Mentoring program using RC AVIATION as our means for positive youth development.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America have been highly successful at delivering impactful youth development.  They have done this by utilizing their ability to be innovative and intentional about delivering a product that can be implemented in ANY Club no matter their size and location.  They’ve done so by utilizing a “package program” for their programming needs.  They create in depth packages that contain EVERYTHING a club needs to implement a program, but also provide the opportunity for Clubs to customize the programs for ‘their’ specific Club.

We’re looking to use the highly successful Boys & Girls Clubs “programs model” as well for BGC Aviation.   This “programs model” consists of a package which would consist of:

  • User/Mentor Guides
  • Various Implementation Levels
  • Fundraising Templates and Strategies  (Fill in the blank)
  • Additional Resources & Support Material (text and media)
  • Preferred Vendors Lists/Material Lists
  • Provided to Youth Serving Organizations (YSO’s) for FREE via Download


The program will be created so that ANY Club/Organization can implement at least some portion of the program no matter the funding situation.  Weather you have $200 to run your entire program or $1000… or just a indoor Gym or a huge park area!  It’s Possible to bring RC AVIATION to all youth!


Check back soon for more information as we move forward!

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