MESA-rcFF partners with Trips for Kids

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Trips for Kids (New Bedford) is an organization that provides a variety of fantastic opportunities to the youth of Greater New Bedford (MA) area. Trips for Kids provides bike riding and maintenance programs, as well as health and environmental education opportunities.

Today was the first opportunity, of many in the future, to bring MESA rcFF to the youth of New Bedford.  The youth had an opportunity to see first hand a variety of remote control aircraft as well as see first hand some demonstration flights.   A few also got to fly some airplanes themselves!

MESA rcFF- New Bedford will be partnering with Trips for Kids to provide a fun an interactive “Scratch Build RC Plane” program where youth will be able to build their own RC Aircraft using a majority of items found in their local hardware stores.   They will learn the basics of the MESA (Math, Engineering, Science and Achievement) curriculum as it pertains to flight and building an airplane.


They will learn, build, fly, crash, repair and fly again…  all while having a GREAT TIME! 

Be sure to check back soon for video footage and future follow ups of MESA rcFF in action!


TFK and MESA MIKE TFK and MESA1 Mike Night Vapor

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