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MESA-rcFF partners with Trips for Kids

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Team Black Sheep

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The guys over at TEAM BLACK SHEEP have really stepped it up to help Youth! If  you are in the RC Aviation hobby and you don’t know who Team Black Sheep is (aka: TBS) then there is a good chance you might have been hiding under a rock.  Their YouTube videos have become  cinematic masterpieces with stunning […]

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BGC-Aviation merges with MESA rcFF!

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  Sometimes CHANGE is a Good Thing!   The time has come for BGC-Aviation to move to that next level! What better way to do that than to partner with a program with our exact values and mission.  We’ve teamed up with MESA rcFoam Fighters to combine our programs for the betterment of both programs. […]

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Packaged Program JUST for Youth Organizations! And it’s ALL FREE!

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It’s TRUE! It’s been in the works for a while now but we’ve currently started our ‘testing phase’ of this venture thanks to our sponsors & supporters! We’ve been in discussion with our LEAD Sponsors Horizon Hobby and the AMA to develop a Youth Mentoring program using RC AVIATION as our means for positive youth […]

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Making it EASIER to get into the Hobby!

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Horizon Hobby continues it’s commitment to ensuring that the newcomer to the RC Aviation hobby has only the BEST experience possible.  Their new FIREBIRD Stratos is state of the art in its design!  It’s  a no brainer for the new RC Airplane Pilot!  It takes the difficulty out of the learning experience and lets the pilot learn in a very common sense, […]

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Get Kids Off The Couch…

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(Click here to be directed to original post on Get Your Kids Off The Couch – Fly RC Planes With Your Kids Author Name:  Erick Royer  Product Reviews— 04 February 2011   “I’M BORED!” How many times does a parent get to hear those wonderful words? I know I must have heard them 1000 times or […]

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Thank you to “First Solo Software”!

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THANK YOU! would like to give a BIG thank you to “First Solo Software” for providing our program with a FANTASTIC  opportunity to provide our youth with Aviation Knowledge Preparation tools. Many youth benefit greatly from participating in our Aviation programs.  It’s a life motivator, it’s a aviation primer and yet it’s much much more. […]

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BGC-Aviation Program “Pre-flight Lesson”

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Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we had a great time at New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) with Colonial Air’s Flight Instructor. Some (not all) of the youth in the Aviation Program got to learn “first-hand” how to do a proper “Pre-Flight” on a aircraft. A huge thank you goes out to Colonial Air for supporting […]

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BGC Flight Sim Setup & FS Flying School Demo

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Well since people have been asking we made a quick video that shows you the current Flight Simulator Setup. The setup is 90% complete minus some of the aesthetics such as a aircraft frame out to hold the monitor etc to add realism. (soon to come) Also in this video is a quick DEMO of […]

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Young Compton pilots make aviation history

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This is a MUST read! Two daring young boys jumped off their bicycles and hopped into an airplane to pilot their way into history…  (read more by clicking link below) A GREAT ARTICLE on how anything is possible!   Check it out! READ ARTICLE – CLICK HERE!

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BGC-Aviation has merged with MESA rcFF! CLICK HERE!